Monday, January 26, 2009

now we chase ppl out of their home

Kampung Berembang completely destroyed; Developers potentially identified; Pictures by JERIT

Published by November 21st, 2006

Tags:, , , , Latest confirmation: All 60+ houses in Kampung Berembang have been destroyed :( Jerit has published some pictures of the mayhem on their website. Malaysiakini also has a video on the confrontation.

Those who would like to show their solidarity with these villagers who were forced into homelessnes by man-made tsunamis may provide material support - especially tents, food and clothing - by contacting coordinator Encik Hamzah at 019 249 2065.

A tip off and internet search brought to the website of developers Cahaya Kelang Construction Sdn Bhd, whose list of future projects (scroll down) include projects in Kg Berembang. Cahaya Kelang Construction is a member of Acmar International, who is on a “mission to become a world class organisation.” They appear to be doing work for Syarikat Perspektif Masa Sdn Bhd. (Nat Tan has done a little more analysis here)

These are most likely the groups ultimately responsible for the destruction and suffering pictured below:

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