Monday, January 26, 2009

words words and lots of word

oh my god how lazy i am to study quamtum mechanic.
who care what schrodinger says or there's lots more than proton in nucleus.
currently i've reading 'shot' by sarah quigley.
a strange fiction by a comedian being shot who had a longing for donut.
before this 'the devil highway' by luis alberto urrea.
based on true stories on how 14 illegal immgirant from mexico get fried on the dessert.
sadistic and cruel.
how come human can let themselves put into extremeties.
before that 'red poppies' by alai.simply alai.
what kind of name is that.
period stories from tibet about chieftain before being invaded by mainland communist china.
i tried to read 'immortality 'milan kundera but i give up.
to roti chicago.


i've being reading to much

i'm supposed to being studying.

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