Monday, January 26, 2009

kohl my feet!!!

guest what happen today  when i finished teaching tution at tmn daya.
i took a new turn.a new road.guessing it maybe shorten the time length.
they are newly connected to the PLUS highway.i supposed to turn left into tmn impian emas.but i took the  right way.i veered right into senai.
it was long and it was tiring.
palm oil estate.
baren land proposed for industrial area.
a few houses and felda.
never accured to me this kind of view in malaysia.
it look like some cheap b rated movies showing the interstate freeway in us.
the wind whistle through my helmet.
bring back memories.
the day i work part time in mcd.
slalu pakai celak.
kenape lak x ble?
but one day along came group of arabs.
at least they for sure look middle easterner.
they wonder in amazement a men wearing 'celak'
whats the word in english?

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