Monday, January 26, 2009

wierd world we living in

Schoolgirls told to lift their skirts

10 Nov 2006

These pupils from the upper primary classes were forced to lift up their skirts to see who was menstruating.The reason: Teachers found a used sanitary pad in a sink in the washroom.
The parents of some of the pupils were up in arms against the
school’s disciplinary teacher and its senior assistant (student
affairs). Amid class parties and celebrations to usher Children’s Day,
pupils from nine classes of Primary Four, Five and Six were instructed
to gather at the school hall.
They were told about the sanitary pad and the culprit was advised to step forward.
"However, no one came forward. The teachers then paraded the
students into the washroom and asked those wearing skirts to lift them
up while those in jeans to unzip," said one pupil.
"I cried during the incident... it was embarrassing," said another pupil.
"This is not the way to discipline students," said Hazlinda Hussain, an angry mother of a 11-year-old pupil.
Daniel Keo said his daughter, who is also the school’s assistant head prefect, had been traumatised by the episode.
"My daughter feared that reporting the incident to the higher
authority would ruin her chances of becoming the school’s head prefect
next year.
"She begged my wife and I not to report this incident.
"But this is something serious and cannot be left as it is," he said.
State Education Department Director Azizah Abd Ghani said she
would investigate the matter once she received a report from the school.
It is believed that several parents had reported to the police, including one at the Banda Hilir police station.
The school’s principal, Catherine Tan Teck Neo, could not be reached for comment.

Bomb blast near kindergarten: 6 held for 2 years

11 Nov 2006

KUCHING: Six men have been detained for two years under the Emergency
Ordinance over a bomb explosion near a kindergarten in August.

state police commissioner Datuk Talib Jamal said they were flown to the Simpang Renggam detention centre in Johor yesterday.
The six are Phung Mui Teck, 22; Bong Tat Ming, 36; Chong Chung
Leong, 30; Goh Meng How, 32; Tan Chin Chuan, 36; and Ho Chen Poh, 25,
all from Kuching.
On Aug 16, a home-made bomb exploded near the Morning Bell
Kindergarten on Rubber Road shortly after 40 pupils had their morning
Police found a piece of wire tied to the fence that led to an open
area next to the kindergarten, as well as a "bomb device" and a bag.
A day after the incident, Talib said police believed that the motive of the bombing was business rivalry.
"The person who did this was probably trying to warn the
kindergarten owner. There was no intention to harm the children as the
bomb was planted outside the building."

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