Monday, January 26, 2009

stories we tend to over look

i met a women.she told me of her husband predicament.they were married when they were young.she was 16 and he was 23 back age 22 and 27.but the husband now are being detained without evidence under DDA at a facility somewhere in southern of peninsular west malaysia.they have three kids.age 4,3 and 2.luckily they had a case and were able to brought it to the court.rm19000 were ringgit were used to cover for the trial.she was smiling when narrating her stories to think she had to work many part time to fend her familiy.the anguish.

here another stories i picked up.a 16 year girl school in one of premier school in southern most state in peninsular west malaysia.let called her E.she met I on the internet via myspace.they first I wanted to court E instead he tackle E E was devastated.she cried over a boy.aaah.....young and foolish.everyone is hoping to find love but men such an always lust at first sight.i don't know what happen to E but i thinks she happier now.i once saw her at cs with someone.well good for her.and for I,well let just say he working his back off right now

Man killed, wife hurt in snatch theft attempt

03 Nov 2006

JOHOR BARU: Bahari Yahya never liked using Jalan
Tebrau to take his wife home following a failed snatch theft attempt two years

The security supervisor always
kept an eye out for motorcyclists behaving suspiciously, especially at the Km8

But his caution in negotiating the road, notorious for its snatch thieves, came
to nought on Wednesday when he died in another attempt.

Bahari, 45, and Julaiha Bujang, 38, a factory operator in


, fell
when he lost control of the motorcycle after the thieves kicked the two-wheeler
in an attempt to stop them.

They were dragged for about 30 metres by the machine.

He had head injuries and was pronounced dead on arrival at the





Julaiha, who is normally fetched by Bahari after work, received 15 stitches to
her face besides losing two teeth.

The couple, who live in Taman Daya, were travelling along Jalan Tebrau when the
pillion rider on a motorcycle tried to grab Julaiha’s handbag which she was
clutching under her arm.

"My husband is always cautious along that stretch of road. Suddenly, a man
tried to grab my handbag.

"When I refused to let go, the robbers got angry and kicked our
motorcycle," she said.

The snatch thieves fled empty-handed.

Johor Baru South police chief ACP Shafiee Ismail said police were trying to
trace witnesses.

"The snatch thieves were aggressive and refused to let go even though
Julaiha tried to fight them off," he said.

Shafiee said a post-mortem showed that Bahari had also suffered internal injuries.

He said that police had set up roadblocks to track down the suspects.

"We also want the taxi driver who sent them to the hospital to come
forward to help in our investigations."

He advised witnesses to contact the nearest police station or call 07-223 2222.

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