Friday, December 20, 2013

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13 Vital Reminders For Writers

Writing is tough work. If I may be so bold as to attempt a simile, I’d say that it’s like walking through a dark forest, but with your legs tied together. So in actuality you’re not really walking at all. But sort of hopping. Oh yes, and there’s a little devil perched upon your shoulder whispering sweet doubts in your ear. And the worst thing of all is that he’s composing his insults more poetically than you ever could.
To battle this devil, here are 13 punchy quotes that will help you remain focused as you hop through that dark forest.
Maya Angelou

Yohji Yamamoto

Isaac Asimov

Seth Godin

Sylvia Plath

Anton Chekhov

Steve Jobs

George R.R. Martin

Ernest Hemingway

Malcolm Gladwell

Kurt Vonnegut

Toni Morrison

Leonard Cohen

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