Saturday, June 16, 2012

why some people like shopping and women are crazy about them.

We started the post by first harassing some cute fluffy white bunnies.

the bunnies look depressed =(

give em some poke poke there
poke poke here

 After playing to our heart content its time to move on.

bangle and plush toys?
not my type.

 key chain?


 hipster glasses?

i kinda need belt.

 i wonder why 
anyone wants to wear cheerful colourful fragrant belt
if you know what i mean.

 i choose a black one so as not to be to inconspicuous.

and after every mindless walking around window shopping...
top it off with ur favourite munchkin.
a cholesterol laden char kuew tiaw.

just to let you know.....nothing last forever.

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