Sunday, May 20, 2012

one hell of a week.....

stay calm and keep on eating...err..... i mean fighting

good bye everything....for a while....i'm off on a journey.

the room before i left....just like when first enter it.  

1st stop 

kuala terengganu...

ICT also stand for Ikan Celup Tepung

airport di kuala terengganu....i have no idea why i'm here.

driver of the to heart broken to drive.


at TGV mesra mall,kemaman.


a visit to the book shop is a must....

i used to have this one in hard cover.....very interesting. i lost it.

bought this one..and treat myself at burger king......notice that its 2 meal.....
promotion for the price of one.
nampak sangat kelahap.

eating sitting alone is not my cup of tea.
but sometime we need time for ourselves.

nasi kukus ni amat popular di chukai.

one of the best way to start the day....

having breakfast while watching ur favorite sitcom....

kuaci and junk food are not proper meal....but whatever make you happy anything goes =)

Pasar Malam Kuala Berang

maggi ketam goreng di Dungun

rehat jap kat jeli

alamak lupa lak nk beli buah tangan

hentam je la labu

hentian titiwangsa.
a view to savour with a hot cup of coffe.

this what greet me when i arrive home....a 42" lcd tv....FTW!!!!

visiting my form 2 brother in SBP Saina.

how dare you say i have "udang sebalik batu"

i swore my life to protect them
i am their bodyguard.

if i failed to teach math & science, i taught them about life.
i am their mentor and teacher.


haish...pikiaq banyak pun tak guna.
biaq pi kat depa lah.

off to penang!!!!!

with some friends.

at padini

at batu feringghi

stay calm and keep on fighting.....

all the best guy.

i'll continue my road trip after this cycling....

the road less taken...

subhanAllah tranquil 

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