Thursday, November 3, 2011

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For the Imperial Forces:

Rebuild the Death Star The Empire Needs You Darth Vader Cant Do It Alone Poster
Explore The Galaxy Empire Poster

Imperial Forces Unite Imperial Propaganda Poster
The Empire Keeping You Safe Propaganda Poster
The Evil Empire Propaganda Poster
Loose Lips Bring Down Star Ships Propaganda Poster
For the Rebel Alliance:

Celebrate the Rebel Alliance Propaganda Poster Unite Behind The Force Star Wars Propaganda Poster
Lela We Can Do It Rebel Alliance Propaganda Poster
Join the Rebel Alliance Star Wars Poster
A New Hope - Luke Skywalker Poster
Resist The Empire Rebel Art Poster

Right brain vs left brain

mercedes left right brain
mercedes left right brain
mercedes left right brain


The Tale Of Syrian Cartoonist Ali Ferzat







Technically, this is Monday’s cartoon, but I wanted to get it out there as quick as possible.
Patience for the Occupy movement is starting to wear thin in certain cities. You might think you can peaceably assemble to petition the government for a redress of grievances. You might think the police are your 99% buddies. But when it comes down to it, they are there to gas you and crack your skull if your presence becomes too much of a nuisance.
Today Egyptians will march from Tahrir Square to the US Embassy in Egypt to oppose the brutal state violence American protesters are facing in their nonviolent struggle for change. Just fucking think on that.



landscape with leafs


A day at the Science Fair






















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