Friday, January 24, 2014

100 of the Best Street Art Photos for 2013

1) Street Art in Olsztyn, Poland

2) Street Art by Pavel Puhov

3) Chalk Art by David Zinn

4) By Sainer from Etam Crew – On Urban Forms Foundation in Lodz, Poland

5) By MTO – In Rennes, France

6) By MTO – In Rennes, France

7) Street Art in Valparaiso, Chile Jean-Baptiste

8) By Natalia Rak, Poland

9) Bicycle – In Penang, Malaysia

10) Motorbike – In Penang, Malaysia

11) Mural by Eduardo Kobra in NYC

12) Skate With Color – In Berlin, Germany

13) By Just Cobe in Runzmattenweg, Freiburg, Germany

14) Street Art in Poitiers, France

15) “No brushes or stencils, just spray” – By David Walker

16) Muhammad Ali vs. Street Fighter – In Rue Saint-Denis, Paris, France

17) The World’s Largest Alpona in Dhaka, Bangladesh

18) In Chiang Mai, Thailand

19) Street Art by Escif in Poland

20) Street Art by Escif in Poland

21) Gardening with an artistic twist #1

22) Gardening with an artistic twist #2

23) Street Art in Valparaíso, Chile

24) Street Art in Leipzig, Germany

25) The Wizard – Caseros, Buenos Aires, Argentina

26) By David Choe in Denver, Colorado, USA

27) By the french artist PakOne

28) Street Art in Paris, France

29) By SmugOne

30) By SmugOne in Glasgow, Scotland

31) Street Art by Pavel Puhov

32) Street Art by Pavel Puhov

33) Banksy back to celebrate the Queen’s diamond jubilee in North London

34) Street Art by Pao in Rome, Italy

35) Street Art by Borondo

36) Street Art by Borondo

37) Street Art by Borondo

38) By Evol

39) Street Art by Kenny Random

40) Gorillaz – Street Art in Kragujevac, Serbia

41) Street Art by Eduardo Relero 

42) Street Art by Alice

43) Street Art in Digbeth, Birmingham, UK

44) From Art- Residence – In Vyksa, Russia

45) I will continue to argue that this is just the way it is!

46) By Julian Schweitzer – Near Frankfurt, Germany

47) In Bordeaux, France

48) In Iran by Icy And Sot

49) Street Art with JR and Liu Bolin

50) Knitting Graffiti in Valdivia, Chile

51)  Street Art by Steve Locatelli in Brussels, Belgium

52) In Iran by Icy And Sot

53) Street Art in Berlin, Germany

54) The Green Carpet! In Jaujac, France

55) Street Art from a Chalk Street Art Project!

56) By Eduardo Relero

57) Street Art by Oakoak

58) By East – In Denver Colorado, USA

59) Cartoon characters in crime – In Chambery, France

60) By NemOs in Milano, Italy

61) By David Walker in SOHO in New York

62) The Three wise monkeys

63) By Chemis – in Benešov, Czech Republic

64) The “earth” without art is just “eh”

65) Sisters helping brothers helping sisters – Herakut in Mannheim, Germany

66) Street Art by Pabi A – In Lund, Sweden

67) Another brick in the wall – In Gorzow, Poland

68) Street Art in New York, USA

69) Street Art from Brest, France

70) By ROA in Mexico City

71) Street Art in San Sebastian Basque Country, Spain

72) Frog, New York

73) By Collectiv IMVG – In Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain

74) Insa and RONE, Melbourne, Australia

75) By txemy in Barcelona, Spain

76) Use The Force – Street art by JPS

77) By Diana Guido – In Madrid, Spain

78) Street Art by Steve Locatelli in Ghent, Belgium

79) By c215 in Oslo, Norway

80) Meggs and Steen Jones, Melbourne, Australia

81) Bird by ~n4t4 – At Jubilee Skate Park, UK

82) Street Art vs. Olympics 2012 in London England

83) Resistance Grows, Barcelona, Spain

84) By Fin Dac – In Warsaw, Poland

85) Euro Crisis – By Escif in Grottaglie, Italy

86) Jurassic Park wall by Mad C in Germany

87) 3D Street Art by Eduardo Relero

88) Lego house, Warsaw, Poland

89) Street Art by Scampi – In Wellington, New Zealand 

90) By ROA – In Pilsen, Chicago, USA

91) Yarn Bombing – R2D2 in Bellingham, Washington, USA

92) Nuxuno Xän, Fort De France, Martinique

93) Little People, Berlin

94) Street Art by Alexey Menschikov in Russia

95) Chalk Art by David Zinn

96) Text Them Home – Street Art Project for the homeless

97) Os Gemeos and Aryz at Urban Forms Gallery in Lodz, Poland

98) Street Art in Tijuana, Mexico

99) By Man o Matic

100) Waiting in vain – By Banksy in Hell’s Kitchen, New York, USA, during his October 2013 NYC “Residency”

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