Thursday, April 19, 2012

The art of Rob Gonçalves

Surrealism is one of those art movements you don't expect at all. Just by watching at any 
picture of it would make your mind blow up; of course, the interpretations of the surrealist 
works vary depending on the person.
In my recent discoveries, I've found an artist that perhaps, not many people don't know 
about him. Let me introduce him: His name is Rob Gonçalves, born in Canada in 1959 
and creator of so many captivating, shocking and incredible scenarios.

Gonçalves now has 64 paintings and he's currently working on more. He spends an notable 
amount of time planning each piece in order to make the transitions flawless and usually 
finishes about four paintings each year.

So here you have it, a brief introduction of the painter. Now you know this, let's see some
 of his mind-blowing creations, shall we? 

Big Air

The Chalkboard Universe

Carved in Stone

Tree House in Autumn

Nocturnal Skating

Sweet City

Light Flurries

A Change of Scenery: Making Mountains

Table Top Towers

White Blanket

New Moon Eclipsed

Ladies of the Lake

On the Upswing


Castle on the Cliff

Autumn Architecture

Still Waters

Here Comes the Flood

A Change of Scenary

The rest of the pictures, you can watch them over here

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