Sunday, March 18, 2012

ada apa dengan acak?

eat and be merry!!!

rojak buah yang manis.

nasi ulam cikgu.

do i look fabulous enough?
bitch...i'm super fabulous


kami nak pi jumpa menteri besar nak mintak tender balak....dia tadak so kami solat zohor ja.

sweet couple....acak not included

seb bek depa ada time ni....kut acak ja ada lansung tak ble pakai gak.
in time of distress  people need to be heard out.

usha lama sket brother nyiok tu..tetiba dia mai bagi complimentary gift.

cho cweet....


imma gonna go get meself eskrem...screw them all.

he couldn't care less.
so why should I?

Every thing happen for a reason.
we meet the right people 
on the right time 
at the right place....
only sometimes we choose to make it less meaningful & look at something else.

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