Saturday, September 12, 2009

left or right

other than teaching u how to print t-shirt.
we teach u how to govern ur life.

for that we need a goverment.

what kind of goverment we need?
can we choose or there is all that are?
can we do something?
to have the best goverment

or to make the best out of any goverment

for that we need to learn something from history.

a long long time ago in rome
someone say
kings suck
we should pick some one from amomg us to lead.
and thus the roman republic were born.

till came ceaser.
across the rubicon
and declared himself emperor.
and thus roman empire were born.

Alexander the great
Katerine le grande
shih huang ti
suleimen the magnificent
gengis khan tokugawa
chaka khan
shah jehan
queer elizabeth

king of the hill
king of queens
people get tired of king
king get tired eating
people are poor
people got hungry
mary antoinnette says
no bread eat cake
a hungry men are angry men

the british say
many mouth many hand
to feed we need land
to sold our brand
cringket & crumpet
sail to india malacca and beyond
to sell our civility
british empire where the sun never set

the spanish go west
old world meet new one
china close off
japan follow suit
war now and then
every year

french revolution
american war of revolution
descartes voltaire
clauswitz newton
industrial revolution came
middle east left behind

western world wealth
piling high
african for sale
as slave trade boom

napolean a short man
with a baby face
to much pride & military prowes
even the sixth coalition of nation
unable to stop him
austerliz & egypt
san marino & borodino
it take a russian winter
to humble him

cast away to elba island
escape to french riviera
raise an armee le grande armee
levee en masse
met his end at waterloo
they say waterloo battlefield
was won at eton playing field.
MCKK eton of the east

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