Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Upcycling Ideas

Upcycling is the process of re-purposing unused items or trash for something else. The difference between upcycling and recycling is that the item is not broken down into base materials, but modified to be of equal or better value than the original item. Below we have 19 of the most creative upcycling ideas.

1. Jack Daniels Soap Dispenser

Forget mason jars for a soap dispenser. This is man cave whiskey upcycle.

2. Rustic light fixture made from reclaimed barn wood

Rustic light fixture made from reclaimed barn wood. #Hipcycle

3. Old Light Bulp Oil Lamps

4.  Old Picture Frame Tea Tray

using picture frame as serving tray

5. Whiskey barrel coffee table with storage

Upcycled whiskey barrel coffee table with storage. #Hipcycle

6. Firepit from Washing Machine Drum

if you want a durable firepit .. upcycled washing machine drum

7. Use Paperclips to Organize Your Cables

paperclips clipped onto side of table using handles to organize cables

8. Wall Clock from old Bike Wheel

21.) Create a clock out of a bike wheel.

9. Coat Hangar Chair

Coat Hanger Chair by Style My Life

10. Turn Old Wrenches Into Wall Hooks

wrenches bent into wall hooks

11. Where’s the Keys?

Where are the keys? ....I know a couple people that could benefit from this myself included!!!

12. Repurpose an Old Suitcase Into a Medicine Cabinet

suitcase upcycled into medicine cabinet in bathroom

13. Beer Bottle Lamp

Beer Bottle Lamp | Community Post: 15 Perfect Handcrafted Man Cave Decor

14. Shovel Handle Bench

Shovel-handled wooden bench - very creative!

15. Bicycle Gear Wall Clock

Wall Clock made from Recycled Bike Gears and Chain / Bicycle Gear Chainring Clock / Recycled / Upcycled

16. Vinyl Chairs

Recycled vinyl chairs (projects, crafts, DIY, do it yourself, interior design, home decor, fun, creative, uses, use, ideas, inspiration, 3R's, reduce, reuse, recycle, used, upcycle, repurpose, handmade, homemade)

17. Reuse Old Kleenex Boxes as Bag Dispensers

using empty kleenex box as grocery bag dispenser

18. Fireplace made from a decommissioned naval mine

Fireplace made from a decommissioned naval mine.-want!

19. Repurpose a Card Catalogue Into a Mini Bar

turning library card catalogue into bar stand

Want to start upcycling? Here’s four books to get you going:

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