Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Shintaro Ohata’s 2D Painting + 3D Sculpture

One of the coolest things about uncovering the work of global artists is witnessing genius as it happens. It’s a magical moment when you see something you’ve never seen done before, an inspired painting or composition that introduces you to the world in a new way, through a perspective or from an angle you never considered before.
Hiroshima’s Shintaro Ohata is one of those artists who shows us everyday scenes in a manner we haven’t seen it before. Resplendent with emotion, Ohata’s sculptural paintings are an amalgamation of two- and three-dimensional art, in which a 3D sculpture is placed in front of a 2D painting that serves as its backdrop. It’s as though the characters depicted in the scene have jumped free of their backgrounds and into real life. I can only imagine how, upon seeing one of these pieces in real life, it would be difficult to resist the urge to touch it. Breathtaking.

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